Intelligent Asphalt Distributor

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Intelligent Asphalt Distributor

The intelligent asphalt distributor can be used in the high graded asphalt road construction work for prime coat, waterproof coat and tack coat. It also the best choice for asphalt pavement construction under chip sealing. Material as hot asphalt ,asphalt emulsion,modified asphalt ,asphalt rubber can be sprayed by this distributor.

While for intelligent asphalt rubber distributor , it is an specially designed high-end products to solve problems as precipitation, segregation, high distributing temperature , the large spraying rate and great viscosity usually existed with rubber asphalt spraying.

Main Features
It can be applied for triple-overlapping spray.
The spraying width can be adjusted freely.
Each spray nozzle can be controlled individually with free combination ability.
Spraying quantity will not be affected by truck speed.
It is designed with high spraying precision.
Thermal oil heating will ensure the unobstructed of spraying nozzle.
Control system adopts modular design, which is easy to maintain and reliability.
Two sets of agitating devices were designed on the tank to ensure stirring work of high uniformity and no separation.
Two sets of heating systems can satisfy the temperature requirement for all asphalt.

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